FitWise Barre Classes are 1/4 the size of Barre Studio Classes.

Private/Duet Barre Sessions Available

Barre Classes in Mill Valley

FitWise Barre classes are a fun workout that infuses a medley of ballet-based fitness techniques, Pilates, and Yoga. This class is a faster paced full-body workout that is very safe and kind to the spine. Designed to give you a lean dancer’s body, our barre classes will tone the entire body, burn calories, jumpstart metabolism, improve balance, stability and increase flexibility and stamina. Classes are set to upbeat music and will leave you feeling invigorated. Resistance springs and apparatus to levitate are infused with these classes to offer you a truly one of a kind barre class.

Barre Instructors

FitWise Barre instructors are certified Pilates instructors and former professional dancers which makes these classes unique with their expertise on form and functional movement. No dance experience is required. Private Barre sessions are available. FitWise barre classes are capped at ¼ the size of barre studios for more individualized attention.

What to expect: we will have fun targeting glutes, thighs, calves and foot strength while creating long lean muscles. The Pilates core work will focus on abs,core, lower back and arms. We will add some lengthening moves and Fascia recoil for a fabulously fit you!!