Online Mat Classes + Virtual Private Lessons are Now Available

Online Mat Pilates / Barre / GYROKENISIS® Classes

Online mat classes are 50 minutes and happen in real time, and vary with regard to the class description. You can join us LIVE at the allotted time, or if you can’t make it at the time we’ve scheduled, sign up anyway, and we’ll send you a link to a recording of the class after it occurs so you can take the class at a time that’s convenient for you for up to 2 days.

Props are not needed but you will have the option to use hand weights and a chair for the Barre influence class. If participating in our GYROKENISIS class a stool will be needed.

Please have hydration handy, and a mat.

Custom Tailored Feedback

As you know our instructors are sticklers with good form and will cue you into each move with precision and skill.

Instructors will have all class members on mute but will check in several times throughout the class. You will have the option to have the video on, so that the instructor can see you and offer you guidance. Having the video on is optional, some may prefer to leave it off. 

Online Class Logistics With ZOOM Platform

Online classes happen in real-time. Simply register for a class from our online scheduler and we will send you a link to join 30 minutes before class start time. Classes can be accessed from any phone, tablet, smart device or computer. Computers are our top pick if possible.Instructors will be available 10 minutes prior to the class to assist you.

Upon logging into Zoom, you will be automatically muted and your camera will be off. You can turn your camera on if you like. In order to minimize background noise, we ask that you remain muted for the class.

Virtual Private Lessons

We understand that consistency delivers the best results.

If doing a virtual private from your home, on the road or even your office is the way to maintain that consistency then we can help. With Private online sessions you and your instructor will be able to see each other so that proper adjustments, modifications and cues will be provided to maintain your proper form, and continue to progress you. Virtual sessions may include any props or equipment that you have or simply on the mat.

We teach an array of styles and can also offer a Barre session with a chair. Yoga, GYROKENISIS®, Restorative Pilates, as well as an Athletic style, session. We are available to custom tailor each session to your needs.

Please call us to schedule an appointment