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Exercise is important at any age, but is imperative for us as we age. Strength, flexibility and balance are central tenets of Pilates and the work directly addresses posture and alignment.  This translates into a decrease of back and joint pain, less stress on osteoporotic bones, a strong increase in balance, as well as more energy and a spike in self confidence.   Exercise can also help with depression and anxiety and gives us an overall sense of well being.

Movement Medicine programs are gentle, restorative and mindful movement. These classes are ideal for clients  who wish to get rehabilitative and restorative movement, increase mobility and range of motion, and gain awareness on optimal functional movement. Our classes are custom-tailored and will rebuild and focus on your personal areas of interest. In general, we will help you to move well, feel great, stand taller and leaner. We create each class for your particular needs.



Corporate Programs Available

We are trained in the latest worldwide research on fascia. Fascia Fitness is useful with injury prevention and repair, and in providing the most effective long-term whole-body training. Our Functional Fitness Programs will strengthen and make fascia more elastic,  increase range of motion  from restricted joints,  and reverse the effects of aging on fascia and its responses.

In addition to a full-body workout, you will learn and employ such strategies into your functional daily activities as how to use your body and muscles more efficiently, focus your mind for improved health and fitness, increase core strength resulting in better posture, Enhance breathing capacity and blood circulation.  Increased flexibility results in greater balance and coordination, reduces stress, develops muscle groups uniformly and corrects muscle imbalances, rehabs and prevents injury to damaged muscle groups and creates a longer, leaner firmer appearance.

Our classes help you to move better. We apply functional fitness, Fascia Fitness and overall Core Conditioning  that help you to do absolutely everything better, deliver useful awareness and transform your body in the process.



Pilates can also improve athletic performance in sports such as gymnastics, dance, swimming, golf, tennis, horseback riding, hockey, rowing, soccer and basketball (to name a few).

Pilates will build balanced muscle development, core strength and flexibility to enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury when competing.

Our Pilates for Teens class can fill the gap for teenage athletes by introducing them to basic Pilates principles; conditioning body and mind; and helping protect against injury by improving alignment, developing core stability and increasing muscular control.



Run faster and farther with less chance of injury.

Pilates exercises create a stronger, more flexible spine and core, and also promotes faster recovery from strains or injuries.

For a runner, posture is one of the key ingredients to success. And posture is very dependent on a strong core. Pilates develops a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the torso, hips shoulders and pelvis. These can eventually lead to a huge positive difference in your posture, technique, balance and stability. It enables you to focus on where your head and neck are in relation to the spine and pelvis, on down through the legs and toes. This all adds up to more efficient movement and less chance of injury.



Imbalances develop over time, based on physiology, posture and lifestyle. How you move when not riding – other types of exercise, the amount (and quality) of sitting you do at work, etc. – directly affects how you function on a horse. Resulting asymmetries greatly affect movement and alignment, resulting in impediments like:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Tightness and curving in the lower back
  • Tight hamstrings

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises increase your body awareness, and improve flexibility, balance, and strength in order to facilitate an optimal riding experience. Pilates helps equestrians:

  • Lengthen the spine and strengthen the core, which stabilizes the body in movement
  • Sculpt a stronger body with increased flexibility, strength, and balance
  • Create a deeper seat and enhance the suppleness of the lower back
  • Strengthen the abdominals
  • Increase hip independence
  • Increase leg and body length

Performance Benefits

With a strong core and increased flexibility, riders can:

  • Freely and gently move arms and legs around a stable base
  • Help clarify aids and hold jumping form
  • Avoid collapsing and bouncing in the saddle
  • Better absorb a horse’s movement
  • Improve posture to help you deepen your seat
  • Increase comfort during and after your ride
  • Maintain neutral pelvis so you can easily follow your horse’s movements
  • Develop a trusting riding relationship, where your horse responds to your commands and is confident in your ability



“Text Neck” is a growing problem for youths and adults, but poor postural habits learned in adolescence can have long lasting impact on health later on.  If your teenager has bad posture, back or neck pain, it’s important to correct it now. Pilates for teenagers will specifically target posture, alignment, core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

It can help teens gain awareness of their body, improve their movement function and strengthen and tone muscles, which will lead to greater self-esteem.

Our Pilates for Kids/Teens class can fill the gap for teenage athletes by introducing them to basic Pilates principles; conditioning body and mind; and helping protect against injury by improving alignment, developing core stability and increasing muscular control.