Client Testimonials

I started Pilates as a result of a painful chronic back problem. I was reluctant and skeptical at first, but Ronda immediately gained my trust and was more effective in guiding me through therapeutic exercise in just a few sessions than PT was in months. Ronda and her staff are thoughtful and engaging, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

But more importantly, they pay close attention to the individual and their unique physical issues, as it pertains to Pilates.

They are amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend FitWise.

David H.

I can’t recommend FitWise enough, it has changed my life.


This studio will transform you!

I have been going here for over three years now, and I am in much better shape now than when I started. Ronda is so professional and she has created an environment that is not only warm but inviting, she has created a healing community. Ronda holds herself to the highest standards. She and her staff have helped me increase my strength and flexibility. Ronda has hired an amazing team and they all are extremely knowledgeable and inspiring.

If you want to improve your overall health and well being I highly recommend taking classes here.

Pam K.

We have been chiropractors in El Cerrito for 27+ years. We are overjoyed that we have FitWise to refer our patients to as well as ourselves.

Whether it is for rehabilitation following an injury or surgery, flexibility and core strengthening to support spinal stability, or toning and conditioning to maintain health and wellness, FitWise does it all. Ronda’s understanding of human anatomy is superior and her staff is top notch. The instructors individualize the classes to the specific needs of their clients taking into consideration their age and related health conditions.

The Instructors have strategies that help their clients set themselves up for success so that  they can achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Ronda is a true professional in every sense of the word. When we send a patient to FitWise we do so with complete confidence.

Dr’s. Joseph and Carol Ball

I have been struggling with a degenerative disc disease in my lower back for years. After trying physical therapy, neurokinetic therapy and seeing a chiropractor without any results, I finally started pilates about two months ago. My main goal was to try to get at least some of my lower back pain away.

With on average 3 private sessions a week for about two months now, I can confidently say that I have achieved pain free days.

This hasn’t happened in years. I owe it to the amazing knowledge and meticulous work I have been doing with this amazing team.  

Sophie V.

As a former dancer I have taken Pilates as a means of conditioning in off season and found it to be efficient  However I never felt that it challenged me and then I found FitWise.  

FitWise is so much more than Pilates!  They offer all of the modalities that I want and crave in a workout. I build strength, endurance and have completely rehabbed my lumbar and knee at Fitwise, traditional PT failed me.  

I have tried all of the Marin studios and Fitwise is hands down the very best! I could never step foot in the local Barre studios after FitWise- I am spoiled.  I Love the Barre classes – so refreshing to take a class from instructors  that are professional dancers and  understand the importance of form and the drive of a dancer.

Kaitlyn B.

Ronda Priestner is amazing.

My teenage daughter has been going to Fitwise for about six months upon the recommendation of her physical therapist. She has scoliosis. Not only has the pilates provided pain relief, but due to Ronda’s deep knowledge and understanding, my daughter’s self-esteem has improved tremendously.


Last spring I noticed that a friend of mine with lower back pain was looking not only comfortable but downright lean and mean…. I asked her what her secret was and she told me that she had been doing Pilates two to three times a week with at FitWise….. and emphasized that they really, really knew their stuff. I was skeptical.  I was injured, but no couch potato.  I had tried yoga, walking, swimming, P.T. and acupuncture.  All of these methods helped a bit, but I was still in a lot of pain.  I had also tried Pilates before and had not been impressed.

Pilates with FitWise was way different.   I brought my MRI (partially ruptured disc) to Ronda and she combed over it, asking incredibly insightful questions.

To start with, it was reassuring that she knew her anatomy backwards and forward.  I began with  two private lessons.  The Instructors helped me develop a home program and strategies that I could use to increase my comfort level. I then joined group classes and started to make immense gains both in comfort and overall fitness.   

I have started cycling hills again and am even hoping to get back on the flying trapeze (really).  I credit the team at  FitWise’ for the knowledge and precision with my ability to gain strength and muscle safely and get back to activities that I love.

Gwenna B.