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Consistency are the fastest results. Traveling? Stuck at home? Newborn?
Stay consistent in the busy time and on the road. Call us at 415-326-5130 to schedule.

Functional Fitness

Our programs Increase strength and flexibility simultaneously and improves posture, balance, stability and alignment. Helps you to do everything better!

The GYROTONIC® Method is designed to take the body beyond its current limitations.

We offer private lessons and classes.

Postural Assessment

Book a Private Postural Assessment with a custom tailored home program!

Pilates Training for Athletes

With Pilates and Gyrotonic training, athletes can hit the ball farther, run faster, cycle harder and they do it without pain or injury to themselves.

Movement Programs

to Reverse Computer Posture

Innovative Group Classes

Small Classes, Top Instructors, Individualized Attention.

Love yoga, but have injuries?

Our Yoga instructors offer private sessions and small group classes.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates Classes

With certified instructors that specialize in all stages of women’s health.

Online Mat Classes + Virtual Private Lessons

The FitWise team is now offering virtual private session and online virtual classes to help you stay consistent and healthy during this COVID-19 lock down. Consistency yields the best results, so let’s stay consistent!

FitWise Pilates offers Private, Duet, and Small Group Pilates and Gyrotonic Services, Postural Assessments with Correctional Programs and Nutritional Support to help you achieve and sustain your goals while supporting your lifestyle. 

Innovative sessions in which you feel empowerment, gain core strength and employ efficient functional movement. Whether it’s fitness, rehabilitation or nutrition, we deliver results.


If you are brand-new to using Pilates machines, Pilates classes, or have an injury, we require that you take a private session before beginning the equipment classes. In this first session, we have the opportunity to access your gait, shoulder organization, spine and pelvis alignment, as well as any areas of interest (injuries, muscle imbalances and/or goals) and default postural patterns that we will want to address and help you to correct. The more that we can discover about you, the better we may serve you in a class setting as we custom-tailor each class/session to your needs.

The first session also allows you to learn the fundamentals, as well as the machines, so when you enter a class you will do so safely and make progress. It can be rather frustrating to spend the entire hour trying to understand as opposed to feeling the beneficial movements. After this session, we will help guide you into classes that will best suit you or help you progress with privates.


Contemporary Pilates applies scientific research with practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Contemporary Pilates is based on the original work of Joseph Pilates  and maintains the original standard of precision and quality. We teach an updated form of the method developed to include  the most current knowledge about Fascia and functional movement  to meet the needs of the modern day body and lifestyle. Form and awareness at FitWise is not limited to the work that we do together in the studio, but additionally meant to help you develop more balanced patterns when you are out in the world.

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