Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment and Custom Tailored Movement Program Prescription 

This Three Series Personalized Program with Ronda includes an initial session designed to custom tailor your specific needs and goals to develop an in-home  precise program for your individual success. The initial session is a 50 minute, in person/outside open air studio or virtual Postural Body Assessment /movement with Ronda. Ronda will help to identify some of your default patterns, misalignments, asymmetrical muscle patterning and discover what is driving chronic pain and patterns.

After the Postural Body Assessment, Ronda will create (2), thirty minute videos that will address strengthening your weak spots and assist with neuro rewiring  to help you override chronic faulty patterns so that you develop awareness and develop strength exactly where you need it. Ronda will record your custom tailored home regimen workout, and send the recording to you for your keeping and made available for you to use at your convenience.

The final portion of this package includes a 30 minute virtual follow up with Ronda, where you will be able to discuss your progress and improvements, as well as inquire about any additional questions you may have. Ronda will then conclude your final consultation with guidance towards your progressions and long term goals and an additional 30 minute program video for you with progressions as they are appropriate.