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Nutrition & Weight Loss

FitWise Nutrition program

Forget about your dieting history! You have a brand new opportunity to obtain optimal health / brain function, shed pounds, conquer dietary issues and experience the sustained energy and unconditional happiness that come from eating the right foods.

Learn what your body thrives on, jump start your metabolic rate, and find out what is holding you back from getting your desired results.
Create an efficient strategy to maximize nutritional intake and perform at your highest level while maintaining a balanced life.
Address food issues, food sensitivities and / or allergies naturally and learn about alternatives to harsh medications with detrimental side effects.
You will learn daily tactics that help you to be your best and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you want to shed ponds, fine tune your digestion, boost your endocrine or wish to gain muscle top expert Ronda Priestner, Nutritional Counselor, Private Specialty Holistic Chef will help you master your goals and create a logistical plan for sustainability. Her success rate is hands down unbeatable with celebrities and clients with an array of situations from a diet lifestyle change to celiac disease, hormonal imbalances, menopause, krohns, Autism and IBS are just to name a few of her areas expertise. Ronda employs lasting changes never fad diets.

Nutrition Services

We recommend clients start with a nutrition consultation so that Ronda may gather data to create a sustainable strategy. The initial consultation is instrumental with creating a custom strategy to resolve issues such as digestion discomfort, endocrine fatigue,food allergies, loss of libido, weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances and other health concerns.

The nutrition consultation package includes a 60 minute initial consultation, 3-day food log analysis, and two 30 minute minute follow-up sessions
along with a diet plan. Ongoing consultation is available and recommended in some cases.

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Cleanse Programs- 30 days to a better, energetic, stronger and slimmer you!

Want to cleanse you body of harmful toxins, hit the reset button on your digestion and metabolism?
Our 30 day cleanse is custom tailored for your lifestyle and palate. The cleanses are gentle, effective and easy to follow.
Programs vary according to each client- all supplements and logistics included.