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Movement Medicine (gentle and restorative)

Gentle, restorative and mindful movement. This class is ideal for clients of all levels and ages who wish to get rehabilitative and restorative movement, increase mobility and range of motion, and gain awareness on optimal functional movement. This is a custom-tailored class that will rebuild and focus on your personal areas of interest. In general we will help you to move well, feel great, stand taller and leaner. We create each class for your particular needs.

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Regularity of Practice

To experience the optimal benefits of a movement practice, it’s important to commit yourself regularly! We recommend a minimum of 2 – 3 times per week, more if you can make the time. Whether in a private session, equipment group, mat class, or at home, practicing Pilates and/or yoga on a consistent basis will accelerate your results and greatly enhance your overall health.

Pre-requisites for Classes

If you are brand new to using Pilates machines or Pilates classes, we require that you take a private session before entering into the equipment classes. In this session we have the opportunity to asses you gait, shoulder organization,spine and pelvis alignment as well as any areas of interest that we will want to address such as injuries, muscle imbalances and or goals. The more that we can discover about you the better we may serve you in a class setting so that we may custom tailor each class/session to your needs. The first session also allows you to learn the fundamentals and the machines so that when you enter a class you may do so safely and with progress. It could be rather frustrating to spend the entire hour trying to understand as opposed to feeling the beneficial movements. After this session we can help guide you into classes that will best suit you. In some cases we may suggest a few privates prior to entering classes for those with particular needs.